Video extracts from the 2010 Governor's Cup Yacht Race

During the first night at sea Reaction lost her rudder while surfing down huge swells about 70 miles off Cape Point. There was absolute pandemonium on board while she drifted out of control in huge seas. The crew eventually got her under control, heaved to until daylight, and sailed her to Saldanha Bay without a rudder.

48 hours later Reaction was  on her way again to St Helena island with a new rudder.  Her crew got over their initial disappointment of practically being out of the race and sailed her on her limits, enjoying every moment to the fullest.  They were surfing along at high speed (20.5knots max on the GPS) and did a number of 170nm runs in 24hrs. They were eventually the 6th boat to arrive at St Helena island and finished 2nd to Our Dianne in the IRC class, only 1 day 14 hours 8 mins behind Our Dianne.

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  1. Absolutely amazing!!! I cant believe the speed that Reaction can get downwind! Awesome!